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Name: Tammy

  • Mix/Breed: DSH / Brown Tabby
  • Sex/Age: Female / 1.5 years
  • Weight:
  • Location: in Foster



Tammy’s favorite things to do are eat, nap, and be held. She’s a very sweet, mellow, simple, loving girl. She loves her nap/cuddle time and is very affectionate. She is prone to getting kidney stones, so to manage this, she needs to stay on a dry food diet of Royal Canin Urinary health kibble.

She and Annabelle are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. ❤️

Some key points about Tammy:
  • Favorite snacks: salmon everything
  • Dislikes: people watching her go to the bathroom, people charging at her, loud noises
  • Favorite toys: balls, string