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Name: Tiff


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From my foster:
“Tiff is a sweet, playful, loving kitten. She came into our house and took charge of our three adult cats with ease. She loves to hang out and cuddle with you on the couch but will switch gears if she sees a toy that needs chasing! She LOVES to be brushed and will come and sit with you if you are very still. She is a bit jumpy of folks that move fast, so if you are working remote she will be happy to sit by your side. She loves to watch TV and look at your phone. She is one smart cookie! She is quick to purr and wants to be the center of attention. She loves to play and is quite the night owl. Open your heart and she will make herself right at home.

She is very bonded with her sister, Tussle, but they are a sneaky team. She distracts while her sister is up to something. If you only see one check the cookie jar!”