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Name: Tofu ADOPTED

  • Mix/Breed: Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 4.5 months
  • Weight: under 20 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


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My foster says:
She is very sweet, very cuddly when she has had her exercise, (she walks 3 miles a day) plus chasing and being chased by the big dogs. She is getting better on leash, knows sit (with treats), is a little hesitant about "come here" if she feels it's time for the pen. House training is going well , about 50% there. She is very good about going on the pad. She is reasonably quiet, and sleeps through the night in her crate. She is also pretty good about being left in the pen while we are out (max 3 hours so far). 12.8