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Name: Tourmaline


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From my foster:
“Tourmaline (“Mimi”, for short), was quick to adjust to her environment, and was the first out of her litter to approach, accept pets, play, purr, etc. She loves to give kisses on the lips and is perfectly fine being held like a baby. She’s not a big lap cat (yet), but she is always close by. She is very playful, and likes a variety of different toys (her favorite is the wand). She is curious about new things and very food motivated. She is perfectly ok with other cats, but would also be fine as the only cat (as long as she can get lots of stimulation). After intense zoomies, she will pant as she gets warm, but recovers quickly. She likes to carry her toys around and is fine with getting her nails trimmed. Also, she has hypermobility shoulder joints (confirmed by the vet)!”