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Name: Turbo

  • Mix/Breed: Pitbull mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 2 years
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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Ready for a SUPER fun dog with a lot of energy and love to give? Look no further! Meet Turbo!!

With this guy, daily mental and physical exercise are musts, as is encouraging a stop-and-smell-the-roses approach when he’s in the mood. This guy can romp with another dog for hours, playing chase then tossing in a few MMA moves, eventually plopping on his back to simultaneously refuel and keep the game going. He does sometimes need a reminder to take a break but responds pretty darned well to voice and exceptionally well to treats. Despite his party attitude, Turbo can do downtime and actually does it well. He is a good cuddler and is relishing having access to a yard, doing lots of sunbathing and exploring.

A previous adopter reported that he had housetraining issues and was sometimes destructive, so his foster home expected to wrestle with both but neither has been an issue. Turbo figured out how to use the dog door immediately and hasn’t had a single accident in the house and so far, hasn’t chewed anything that wasn’t intended for that purpose. Make no mistake – Turbo is still full-fledged teenager and puppy proofing will be par for the course. He definitely has a mischievous streak and will sometimes grab things you’d rather he not (like the pair of socks in your hand) if he’s feeling frisky but those items are easily retrieved by trading him for a treat.

Turbo is living with 4 other dogs in his foster home - a 5-year-old, female pit bull (who is his wrestle-and-chase partner) and 3 senior small dogs. Turbo has taken some serious snarks from the crabbiest of the smalls with zero escalation but still doesn’t seem deterred from trying to play with her sometimes. In his enthusiasm, he has been known to trample the littles on occasion (entirely by accident) so his ultimate home would be with one other very playful dog around his size (55 lbs.) and build; he would be happy under a variety of circumstances but some other dogs can be overwhelmed by his energy. His current pittie girlfriend is a sturdy 43 lbs. and they are very well matched. Their play sessions are perpetually entertaining but can get wild at times so you do need to watch your back to avoid getting caught up in the play tornado.

Turbo’s foster home has cats (who are separate but visible) and the initial presumption was that he would have some prey drive. His intros have shown none of that but he is far too enthusiastic about interactions for any cat he’s met to actually want to share space with him so he should go to a cat-free home (unless it’s a working cat situation where the cats won’t be expected to be up close and personal). He has spent some time with the 20-month-old human in the fosters’ extended family and was curious but appropriate. That said, he is a full body contact boy who is mouthy and sometimes jumpy when excited so your average kid would no doubt find him overwhelming; 12 and up is probably his best match.

He generally rides well in the car (but is slightly clumsy until he settles in) and is very decent on leash with the right gear. He seems relatively unfazed by some of the common dog triggers: bikes, skateboards, sirens, weedwhackers, etc. He is being fostered in Santa Cruz and saw what must have been his first surfboards recently and they were clearly alien and a little suspect but he recovered like a champ. Turbo has been doing a brewery tour with some of his “aunties” and is a rockstar; he makes friends with everyone, human and canine and doesn’t take offense when other dogs give him the cold shoulder (or worse).

For as dopey as he acts a lot of the time, he is actually a smart cookie in his own way and responds very well to reward-based training; it seems to interrupt his mosh pit, spring break-style play jags and bring his energy into at least temporary focus during those periods, which is a great reset tool. Turbo has definitely gotten the short end of the commitment stick so far and is looking for that special someone that will embody his motto of “love hard, play hard." Please apply for this cutie pie! He’s been in foster for a long time and is ready to be in his forever home.