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Name: Turbo

  • Mix/Breed: Pitbull mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 2 years
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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Ready for a SUPER fun dog with fun energy and love to give? Look no further! Meet Turbo!! Turbo is part wild man, part angel. This guy can romp with another dog for hours and is a great hiking buddy. Despite his party attitude, Turbo can do downtime and is a great cuddler. He definitely has a mischievous streak and will sometimes grab things you’d rather he not (like the pair of socks in your hand) but those items are easily retrieved by trading him for a treat. Puppy-proofing will be par for the course. Turbo is living with 3 other dogs in his foster home - a 6-year-old, female pit bull (who is his wrestle-and-chase partner) and 2 senior small dogs. In his enthusiasm, he has been known to trample the littles (entirely by accident) so his ultimate home would be as an only child or with one other very playful dog around his size (57 lbs.) that is tolerant of lots of physical, vocal play. Because his energy seems to offend some other dogs, Turbo is not going to be a good candidate for the dog park. But he loves the dogs in his foster home!!! 😉