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Name: Tussle


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From my foster:
“Tussle came to us as a shy kitten with trust issues and has transformed into a kitten who will follow you from room to room just to be near you. She will bump her head against you for pets and is slowly getting used to lots of affection. She's not quite a lap cat yet but give it a little time! She loves the laser toy and anything with a feather on it! She loves treats and brushes (she LOVES being brushed). She would be best with no small children, but perhaps a respectful older teen. With time she will trust and love you to the moon. She and her sister Tiff are a bit of a tag team. They are very food motivated. They think humans are interesting. She loves a string and will grab toys and run and hoard them in a corner where you can't find them. With a kind and patient human to show her love and take things at her pace she will be a wonderful companion.”