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Name: Violet


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From my foster:
“Violet is a gorgeous calico female kitten whose fur is velvety soft. She will capture your heart in minutes! Violet is cautiously shy and craves feeling safe and loved. She likes to have her sister Sunny close by and will seek her out when time to curl up for a nap. Violet will take some time bonding with her human(s) and once she does, she will be up for some cuddles so be prepared for some adorable purring! One of Violet’s many fun qualities is she’s a master at hide & seek! She gets along really well with other cats of various ages and will share the same food/water bowl and litter box. She has been eating First Mate dry food. Violet is a lovely kitten who will gain continued confidence as she becomes used to her surroundings.

*Recommend Violet not be placed in a home with children as she will hiss when scared. Also, important she be placed with Sunny.