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Name: Wiley

  • Mix/Breed: Shepherd / Doberman mix,
  • Sex/Age: Male / 6 months
  • Weight: 70 lbs. full grown
  • Location: in Foster


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We are no longer accepting applications for Wiley.

Hi! I’m Wiley. I’m a 6 month old Doberman and German Shepard mix. I don’t usually brag, but I am a “Grade A, certified sweetheart”! I absolutely love going on long walks, joining you on your daily jog , or playing fetch until I flop. I can’t seem to find enough sticks at the park, and haven’t yet come across one I don’t want to play with. I love being social, and will hang out in the same room as everyone else at home. I am a total cuddle-bug, and will give you hugs and kisses if you come over and say hi. Despite being a little goofy and gangly at the moment, I am whip smart, and can pick up tricks and commands very quickly. It’s common for me to be at the top of my class during puppy school. When I am at the park, it’s party time, but I also know how to take it easy when we get home, and enjoy sprawling out on the floor while we all watch a movie. I am really good at “sit”, “down”, and “wait”, and have been doing awesome with my “recall” training. I am looking for a forever family to grow up with, continue to work with me on my training, and become a special someone’s dream dog!