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Name: William Shakespurr


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William Shakespurr is the best! He’s a super social, outgoing, sweet young cat. He’s talkative, friendly, and affectionate. He’s confident and loves to explore new places. He’s active and likes to play (he’ll chase toys and pounce on things), but is also a cuddlebug. He’s lived with other cats before and gets along well with them, given proper introduction. He shouldn't go to a home with small dogs, though he does get along with larger dogs! This adorable sweetheart deserves an awesome home.

Sadly, he was surrendered to a vet’s office because he’s prone to getting urinary crystals, which caused blockages in his urinary tract. He had surgery to remove the majority of his penis, so now he no longer can get dangerous blockages. He may still develop crystals, but they can no longer cause any life-threatening blockages. Having him on a primarily wet/canned food diet will decrease his chances of getting crystals, and he should have yearly/bi-yearly vet checkups to make sure his urine is healthy.