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Name: Yoplait

  • Mix/Breed: DMH / Orange Tabby with White
  • Sex/Age: Male / 2 years
  • Weight:
  • Location: Family Petcare Store


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Yoplait is a gorgeous, fluffy orange tabby/white boy. He’s very shy and nervous at first (it took him a couple months to feel comfortable enough to come out of his cubby hole), but once he feels comfortable in an environment and trusts the people around him, he is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. He rubs up all over you and will follow you everywhere! He’s just a big lover boy. He also gets along great with other cats, especially his sister Chobani. Because he lacks confidence and is shy, he would do best in a quiet, adult-only environment where he can bond closely with his person/people. He needs a patient home that will let him show his personality at his own pace. This guy is going to make an amazing companion to the right home.