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Queen Bee

While she definitely owns the name “Queen,” she can be very silly when playing with string/cat-fishing toy or even shoe laces. The beeeautiful Bee is very talkative!!

She would prefer to be in a quiet, calm home where she is the only cat. She has never been around small children but has lived with dogs. She doesn’t interact with them much but should have no problem with a mellow, cat-loving mature dog.

Bee will come to a seated person and ask to be petted or start kneading on one’s chest. (She doesn’t especially like to be picked up and carried.) She loves to be combed, though, even on the belly, as long as she’s standing up. She’ll “high five” for a Greenie before she has her dinner. She’ll answer to Bee (or Busy Bee) and will come when called.

Queen Bee enjoys being outside, but must be in a completely secure (enclosed) area as she has no qualms about jumping on or over a fence to see what’s on the other side.

Bee is a 9-year old spayed, chipped, long haired tortie. She’s current on all shots and she has been receiving flea treatments every month. The Queen is taking applications for adoption. Please contact for consideration. She’s the Queen you know!