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Rescue, Foster & Adoption

Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue work to stop euthanasia of companion animals throughout the Bay Area through animal rescue, fostering and adoption.


We partner with shelters to rescue all types, ages and sizes of mixed and pure breed dogs, cats, puppies & kittens from over-crowded shelters throughout Northern and Central California. These are animals that would have been at high risk of euthanasia due to pet overpopulation. Under-age puppies and kittens often cannot be maintained in a shelter as they are vulnerable to disease and need special care. During the breeding season, April through September, kittens are dropped at shelters in record numbers. During this time the public often prefers to adopt young animals, leaving wonderful adult animals at high risk of euthanasia. With our help and the help of other animal welfare agencies, we can re-home as many of them as we have foster homes and funds to serve.


Foster homes provide care and love for these wonderful dogs and cats while we work to find permanent homes. While in foster care, basic healthcare, including spay/neuter is provided for all animals. Animals are socialized and dogs must be exercised and learn basic obedience and crate training so that they will do well in their permanent homes. Behavioral assistance and access to training classes is available and we strongly encourage foster homes to use these resources. For more information, Why Be a Foster Parent


Matching responsible guardians with our animals takes place at adoption events and through a diligent system of public outreach. We carefully interview potential adopters to ensure that the right match is made. Too often dogs and cats end up in shelters because they were never a good match for their previous home in the first place. At Hopalong & Second Chance, we look for people who intend to provide a home for the life of the dog or cat and understand what that requires. If you are a first time guardian, we can work with you to find the pet that will work for you. Our staff is available to answer any questions that may come up. Cats are also available in our permanent store sites located throughout the bay area.
For more information on adoption see How Adoption Works, Having a Dog, and
Having a Cat
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