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“I searched the internet for weeks to find the perfect dog. When I saw Hilda, I knew she was the one. Being 12 years old with a heart murmur didn’t bother me abit, but the challenge was getting her from the Bay Area to Boise, Idaho where I live. A friend offered to bring her here in the car, holding her the entire way. Now, she’s part of every aspect of my life!”

~ Kitty Fleischman

“Charlie gives me comfort and love that I appreciate every day. And with that, my gratitude and appreciation to what Hopalong stands for — Making lives better for pets that need help & homes.”
My heartfelt Regards,

~ Kimberlee Hamilton-Alarcon

“I am still in a state of surprise and delight that I found Luke. He had been in a shelter for two months when Hopalong rescued him. He’s a fabulous yellow lab and has become a great companion to my 12 year old black lab, Lacy, and of course, to me. I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

~ Carol Galloway

“In the summer of 1993, we decided to expand our family by adopting a dog.  We contacted Hopalong Animal Rescue and told them of our desire to adopt a dog with ”golden like’ qualities.  Hopalong matched us up with a wonderful golden who we named Koshi (the Nepali word for river).  Call it luck, fate or amazing intuition, but it’s hard to imagine a better match for us.  Koshi was relaxed when we were relaxed and enthusiastic when the occasion called for it.  She loved rafting, kayaking, skiing and hiking with us. When we adopted our daughter from China, Koshi accepted her new sibling gracefully, especially when she discovered the bounty under the high chair.

Sadly, Koshi left us in 2005 to chase that great tennis ball in the sky.  We’ll always remember the many years and adventures we shared with her, and are forever indebted to Hopalong for rescuing and matching her with us.”

~ Doug, Sheryl, and Enya Cochran

“Fostering is like dating an animal before making a permanent commitment. Rupert was my sixth foster cat. Four kittens and a charming mom cat all had come into my life and I’d seriously thought about adopting each of them, but I let them all move on to forever homes elsewhere with a few tears but no regrets. Then this big stripey guy came to stay and spent 10 days hiding under the bed. Once he decided I was okay, we quickly discovered we were purrrfect together. I call Rupert my Zen Master, because he’s a perfect example of being in the now. He’s taught me a lot about generosity –watching him mentor younger foster cats on the skills necessary for living peaceably within the household.If Hopalong hadn’t rescued him from the shelter, he’d have been euthanized and I’d never have found met a now beloved friend. Because I’m a happier person with Rupert in my life, everyone I come in contact with benefits, so the joy of saving one life ripples outward to touch many others.”

~ Lee Cox

“I love being a foster mom to dogs we rescue.   Hopalong brought me Oliver within days of his scheduled euthanasia and when he came to us with a skin condition and poor eyesight, we all knew it would be a challenge to find him the right home. So, we hunkered down for a long term foster. Almost immediately, I realized he had found his forever place – right here with us. We love the little guy.”

~ Tami

“There were four tiny 5-week-old tumbling wrestling kittens, a full litter from an Oakland momcat: two orange tabby girls (rare!) and two jet black boys. I could not resist their charm! Besides, they needed to be fostered together for a month or so because they were too young to be separated, and I had the time to do that. That month of sixteen galloping paws was one of the best times of my life. When that month was up, we kept one girlcat and one boycat, and found a good home for the other two (together!). This was always the plan, but how difficult it was to say goodbye to those other two! Evi and Kodi have brought me such joy and warmth and sweetness over the past nine years… I can’t imagine life without them.”

~ Karin Moore

“We call him the court jester because he constantly keeps us laughing and entertained. When we found Milagro on a beach in a Baja, he had been badly burned by acid thrown on the beach by the fisherman. I immediately drove him to a vet in Marin who performed microsurgery since he was so tiny. He was a brave little man and now brings us joy every day. He is our little miracle.”

~ Tina Leonard

“I never believed in love at first sight until I met my dog Kai. I wasn’t looking for a dog, only a volunteer opportunity with an organization that helps animals. I decided to volunteer for Hopalong Animal Rescue because everybody there was not only nice, but also dedicated to their mission, while showing much gratitude to their volunteers. When I went to my first assignment as a dog handler, there he was, this red-headed Australian herding dog with big ears and a pink nose that Hopalong had rescued from a shelter. As I was showing him to prospective adoptees, I kept hoping that nobody would like him as much as I did. I couldn’t forget about that beautiful dog, so a few days later I gathered my courage, spoke to Hopalong, and submitted an application. I adopted Kai on August 13, 2005, making me one happy dog mommy! In the meantime Kai got a wonderful brother, Noa, a dark colored version of Kai. I love Hopalong because they truly care. They rescue animals who without their help would suffer or be killed, without ever getting a second chance in life. As a volunteer I have seen how protective Hopalong is of their animals. They carefully screen every applicant until the right home is found. Thank you, Hopalong, not only for making a difference in animals’ lives, but also in mine.”

~ Maribel Izquierdo-Rodriguez